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7 Benefits of Adding Mulch to Your Yard

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18 April,2022

7 Benefits of Adding Mulch to Your Yard

7 Benefits of Adding Mulch to Your Yard

We have all encountered mulch, but how much do you know about it? There's no doubt that mulch is an essential part of landscaping and gardening, but this earthly compound has numerous benefits to the environment. If you are looking to boost the general wellness of your property, it might be time for your consulter, a reputable tree care company. At Southern Star Tree, we have an experienced team that guarantees quality tree service and maintenance. We take the time to provide our clients with pertinent information before breaking ground on any project. Here are some of the benefits of adding mulch to your yard.

Protect Plant Roots Year Round

A key benefit of mulch is the protection it provides tree roots, which are essential in the growth and development of the plant. If you fail to deliver tree roots the coverage they require, you risk damage from fluctuating or harsh weather conditions. We recommend adding an adequate layer of mulch, guaranteeing year-round protection, especially during winter months.

Prevent Soil Erosion

The topsoil is the most nutrient-packed dirt that's favorable for tree growth. However, soil erosion carries the soil, depriving your plants of the vital nutrients needed to maintain a healthy and lush landscape. Aside from ensuring the topsoil remains where it needs to be, a professional tree care company can help your yard look more manicured and well-kept.

Improve Soil Health

A professional tree service provider is better skilled and informed to help you maintain a safe and appealing backyard. It is proven that organic mulch is obtained from wood and other materials that break down, providing nutrients to your plants. This means that continuously adding mulch to your yard goes a long way in improving the health and vitality of the soil.

Conserve Water

Mulch is an excellent water conservation tool that keeps your soil moist and is vital to maintaining healthy, hydrated, and happy plants. A substantial layer of mulch helps control the amount of water lost via evaporation and ensures that there's as much water left as possible. It also saves you time by reducing the number of times you spend watering.

Reduces Weeds

Weeds are the most time-consuming and common issues that compromise the fertility and health of the environment. If left unchecked, weeds can ruin the visual appearance of your yard and even attract destructive pests. Mulching offers a straightforward and logical solution by managing weeds' spread, growth, and impact.

Adds Color & Visual Interests

Mulch enhances the aesthetics of your property and adds unique textures and colors. Organic mulch such as wood chips and bark are considered to have an inviting and fresh scent and add various shapes and colors. Depending on the desired look, we can help you choose from multiple mulch types.

Prevents Compaction

Compaction of your landscape usually results in poor drainage, resulting in a flooded or muddy soil bed. This leads to hardening of the ground, leading to root suffocation, preventing sufficient water and air circulation. Mulch can prevent this from occurring, allowing a better flow of water and healthier growing conditions. Contact us today at Southern Star Tree for more information and exceptional tree services at a competitive market price.


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