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If you are an Atlanta resident and have been wandering the web searching for “tree removal company near me,” then you are at the right place. Southern Star Tree offers tree care, tree service and tree removal in Atlanta at affordable rates. Our 40 years of cumulative experience and advanced equipment means you can rest assured knowing you will receive quality work that exceeds your expectations. Southern Star Tree provides free estimates and will not charge you until you are satisfied with the service. Give Southern Star Tree a call today to speak with a courteous professional and schedule your tree service in Atlanta. You can also call now to request an emergency Atlanta tree removal. We are ready to take your call to schedule reliable tree removal services in The Metro Atlanta area.

Take Care of Your Trees

Trees are both utilitarian and aesthetic additions to any yard, garden, or business area. Trees provide fresh air, shade, colors, scents, and even fruits. However, they require good care if you want them to provide their full potential. Disease, pests, parasites, and malnutrition can lead to ugly and unhealthy trees that are liabilities more than assets. If tree care is too confusing, time-consuming, or difficult for you, then consider hiring an ISA certified arborist from Southern Star Tree to take care of the job.
Our ISA certified arborists have years of experience and training as well as state of the art equipment. All of this combines to provide you with top tier tree service in Atlanta. Don’t put your beautiful trees in the hands of amateurs. Call the professionals to make sure your trees reach and maintain their potential. Call Southern Tree Service to schedule your tree care appointment.

Tree Removal in Atlanta

Trees are beautiful and useful additions to any garden or yard. It can be difficult to part with them, but sometimes it is best to remove the tree before disaster strikes. Dead, dying, and precarious trees should be removed lest they cause extensive damage and harm to nearby property and pedestrians. Though tree removal is our last resort at Southern Star Tree, it is certainly an option. When other safety management options such as pruning or disease mitigation does not work, then call Southern Star Tree for an emergency tree removal. Our friendly representatives and ISA certified arborists are available to take your call no matter the time of the day or the day of the week.

Remove Hazardous and Unwanted Trees

We have all heard of fallen tree accidents. Trees can come crashing down without warning if you are not aware of the condition of its health. Storms, floods, and other natural disasters add additional pressure on trees, but the appropriate measures can keep your tree sturdier in these situations as well. If a tree is found to be too unhealthy to stand, then we recommend that you schedule an Atlanta tree removal as soon as possible to protect property and lives. A precarious tree can come down on a parked car or pedestrian in the blink of an eye.
Though a falling tree is what we usually think of when we imagine an accident involving a tree, falling branches are more common. Some branches grow too long or decay and disease at certain points, becoming threats to anything beneath it. If you notice a tree branch is growing far over your home, then we recommend that you remove it. Remember, it is better to be safe than to be sorry. If you notice any risky tree branches on your trees, then call Southern Star Tree for tree removal services today. 

Atlanta Tree Removal Company

Request A Free Estimate

We understand that you might have a budget which you need to work with. When you search the web for “tree removal company near me” and call the options, don’t settle for a company that says that they are not sure what the price will be. As professionals with 40 years of cumulative experience in the industry, we know how much a certain job will cost when we hear about it. Southern Star Tree provides free estimates so that you can make an informed decision about your tree removal or tree service. We are on call 24/7 so contact us whenever you need.

Don’t Pay Until You Are Satisfied

Your property is a great investment and we know that you want it to look a certain way. That is why you are calling a tree services company after all. Sure, we tell you that we have ISA certified arborists and state of the art equipment that will give you a result to be proud of, but actions speak louder than words. At Southern Star Tree, we are so confident in our arborists and service that we will not take payment until you are fully satisfied with the work.
Call Southern Star Tree today and schedule your tree removal or tree service in Atlanta if you want to experience why so many people choose us for their tree care. We are available 24/7 to take your call.

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