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Tree Service in Chamblee, GA

Trees are valuable investments for gardens and landscapes, providing shade, beauty, oxygen, and even fruits. Healthy trees planted in the right place and properly groomed can increase the value of your property and draw attention from potential homebuyers. On the other hand, unkempt trees can repel prospective buyers. DIY tree care is time-consuming and requires specific tools and knowledge, however. Fortunately, residents in Chamblee, GA can leave that work to the specialists at Southern Star Tree. We are your local tree service company with over 40 years of cumulative experience. We have you covered with tree service, tree removal, tree pruning, and tree trimming in Chamblee. Our friendly representatives and ISA-certified arborists are ready to take your call.

DIY Tree Service Can Be Costly

Even if you have the tools to handle tree service in Chamblee on your own, learning arboriculture and how to diagnose diseases and defects takes a lot of studying. Many homeowners and property owners like to take things into their own hands, but we advise you consider the costs and risks. We do not want you to injure yourself, injure others, or damage the tree. For a true peace of mind, leave the Chamblee tree services to trained specialists. Plus, tree service is not expensive when you choose Southern Star Tree.

Leave It to the Specialists

Southern Star Tree is a time-tested tree services company. We are proud to hire and train ISA certified arborists who have dedicated years to the science of arboriculture. We equip our specialists with the latest tools and technology to make their job easier and complete the work right the first time around. In short, we deliver quality and reliable service. Call us today to speak with a friendly staff member and schedule your appointment.

Tree Removal in Chamblee, GA

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Trees do not always grow like we want them too. Some limbs get diseased while others decay or grow too long. If you want to guide your tree’s growth, then invest in tree trimming and tree pruning. Though these two services are mistakenly thought to be the same, they are similar at best.

Tree trimming is a service focused primarily on the aesthetic of the tree and your yard. You can think of it as a haircut. When branches get too long or when the tree gets too dense, an arborist will shorten them to make the tree more pleasant to the eye. This service is also meant to get rid of risky overhanging branches that can threaten property and passersby.

Tree pruning is dedicated to the health of the tree. Pruning targets sickly, decaying, or dead branches so that the rest of the tree is not affected. We must act quickly to prevent disease and pests from spreading.

Tree Removals

Our tree service in Chamblee is mostly to take care of trees, but sometimes a tree must be removed. A tree removal in Chamblee is a tall task and should be dealt with safely and properly. Whether you have been searching the web for "tree service near me" for tree care or a tree removal, the folks at Southern Star Tree are ready to help.


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