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Stormwater & Retention Pond Management


Stormwater Retention Pond Management

If you own or operate a large commercial property in Georgia, then chances are there is a retention pond within that property. These ponds manage stormwater runoff, erosion, and flooding issues. Property managers and owners of these large properties are responsible for maintaining the retention ponds so that storm water and flooding does not damage nearby streams, rivers, and land through erosion. In fact, cities and counties perform annual or biannual inspections to ensure that retention ponds comply with codes and requirements. Southern Star Tree and similar companies provide professional management services. If you are interested in hiring the professionals, call Southern Star Tree to speak with a friendly representative.

Avoid Fines

City, county, and municipality codes in Georgia require property owners and managers to ensure stormwater does not disturb surrounding land. If your property does not pass annual or biannual inspections, then you could be forced to pay steep fines. Some of the things that cause retention ponds to fail inspections are too much debris, not running properly, and not meeting specific requirements. To avoid such fines, be sure to stay on top of maintenance and keep your retention pond up to code. Call Southern Star Tree if you like to have the professionals handle your retention pond’s maintenance. Our experts are ready on standby to take your call.

When to Perform Storm Water Retention Pond Maintenance

The best time to perform storm water retention pond maintenance is during the dry time of the year when the water is at low levels. This allows technicians to see and resolve issues more clearly. When water levels are high, you might not notice some buildup and debris that are lost in the weeds and water. Call Southern Star Tree during mid to late summertime to get started on your retention pond’s maintenance. We are ready to take your call.

Plants and Perimeter

Installing native plants on the perimeter of your retention pond will help reduce pollutants, help against erosion, and provide much needed aesthetics. Green grass is always a great choice if it loves water. Consider removing trees from the area as they can cause problems in the future. Remember, however, that whatever is planted should be maintained and overgrowth should be avoided. Be careful with grass clippings. Make sure that your installed grass does not become a liability with grass clippings flooded the area and clogging drains.

Turf Aeration

Overly compacted soil creates problems for water, fertilizer, and herbicide absorption. Make sure to have proper turf aeration so that soil can receive and absorb water effectively. Otherwise, excess rain and water will add to the pond and lead to an overflow situation. The best time to aerate is when the soil is moist. Lawns that have clay soil or experience heavy foot traffic should be aerated twice a year. Otherwise, once a year should be enough.

Call the Professionals

If you are ready to have the professionals at Southern Star Tree take care of your water retention pond maintenance, then call today to schedule your flexible appointment. Our courteous staff members are on standby for your call.


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