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Tree Service in Lilburn

Trees are beautiful adornments for landscapes, provide shade and fruits, and increase the value of your property. Tree care can be a difficult and time-consuming chore, however. It is not enough to plant and water. When you prefer to have a professional tree services company take care of your tree service in Lilburn, you can call the experts at Southern Star Tree. Our ISA certified arborists are trained and equipped to handle Lilburn tree service, tree trimming, tree pruning, and tree removal services. Timely tree service and tree care can end up saving you from a headache in the future. If you are ready to speak with a friendly professional and schedule your tree service in Lilburn, then call Southern Star Tree today. Our representatives are ready to take your call.

Don’t Forget to Schedule Your Timely Tree Service

Trees take a long time to mature. When a tree dies, it will take a very long time for the next to grow and take its place. This is why you should take good care of your tree while it is alive. Detecting and taking care of diseases, pests, and issues before they take hold of your tree is crucial. Our ISA certified arborists have extensive knowledge of common risks to your tree and can resolve issues that these dangers bring about. However, it is up to you to schedule your timely tree service. We recommend that you have tree service once a year to get ahead of any issues before they become problems. 
Ready to schedule your Lilburn tree service? Lucky for Lilburn residents, you do not have to search the web for “tree service near me.” Instead, call Southern Star Tree to speak with a friendly staff member today.

Tree Removal in Lilburn

Remove Trees to Prevent Damage and Harm

Trees and even tree branches can be extraordinarily heavy, enough to crush a car or even the roof of a building. Identifying these threats can be difficult for the average eye, but an ISA certified arborist can tell you whether it is time for a tree removal in Lilburn. If you have a tree that is close to a building, pedestrian walkway, utility line, or other structure, then consider calling Southern Star Tree to consult with a professional and determine whether that tree is a risk.

A Lilburn tree removal can save you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in liabilities. Though we adore trees and prefer to have trees standing tall and healthy, we understand that some trees are better off removed or relocated. If you notice a tree on your property is suddenly leaning or has a damaged trunk, then consider calling Southern Star Tree as soon as possible. Don’t waste time searching the internet for “tree removal company near me.” Call Southern Star Tree to take advantage of our emergency tree removal services. We are ready to take your call.

Tree Trimming in Lilburn

Keep Your Tree in Shape with Tree Trimming and Pruning

Left on their own, trees can grow to be untidy. This ruins the look of your yard and can also pose safety risks. Overhanging branches can threaten property and pedestrians underneath them. Long branches can also threaten utility lines. Tree trimming in Lilburn is how you can keep your trees looking aesthetic and prevent branches from getting too long and dangerous. While it may seem like a task that you can handle on your own, tree trimming is dangerous and does require knowledge of trees. Our ISA certified arborists know exactly how and where to cut branches so that the tree is not harmed. The arborists are also equipped and trained to minimize safety risks.

Tree pruning is similar to tree trimming but is focused on the health of the tree. When branches are infested with pests, experience decay, or become diseased, a certified arborist is able to take care of those branches without harming the rest of the tree. The arborist will decide whether the tree can take care of the issue on its own or whether to take action. Every scenario is unique but our certified arborists have the knowledge and tools to provide you with the appropriate tree pruning in Lilburn. When you are ready to schedule your tree pruning or tree trimming, call Southern Star Tree.

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