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Best Fertilizers for Evergreen Trees

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22 August,2023

Best Fertilizers for Evergreen Trees

Best Fertilizers for Evergreen Trees

Evergreen trees are staples in many landscapes, providing year-round beauty and structural stability. Proper fertilization is essential if you want to ensure the health and vibrancy of your evergreen trees. At Southern Star Tree, we have certified arborists with extensive industry knowledge and experience, ready to help you grow healthy and durable trees. Our professional tree service providers can help you choose the right fertilizer, understand the timing, and consider the correct parameters to promote the growth and vitality of your trees. 

When to Fertilize Evergreen Trees

The timing of fertilization plays a crucial role in the success of nurturing evergreen trees. The best time to fertilize these trees is during their active growth periods, typically in spring and early fall. Fertilizing in the spring boosts nutrients as the tree puts out fresh growth, while fall fertilization helps to strengthen the tree’s roots before winter sets in. Avoid fertilizing during the dormant winter months, as the tree’s metabolic processes slow down significantly. Hire a professional tree care company to handle the process if you prefer a more hands-off approach. 

Choosing the Right Parameters for Fertilizer

Selecting the right fertilizer for evergreen trees involves understanding the nutrient requirements and soil conditions. Nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) are the three primary nutrients that play different roles in the tree’s development. Nitrogen is essential for evergreen trees to promote healthy foliage and growth. When choosing a fertilizer, look for one with a higher nitrogen ratio (such as 10-6-4), ensuring it’s well-suited to the needs of evergreens.

Apart from the N-P-K ratio, consider the micronutrients like iron, manganese, and zinc. These elements are essential for overall tree health, even if they are required in smaller quantities. Many specialized fertilizers for evergreens include these micronutrients, providing a comprehensive nutrient package. With all the different fertilizers in the market, it is advisable to consult a trusted tree care company before purchasing.

Application Guidelines

Understanding when and how to apply fertilizer is equally essential. As mentioned, timing matters, but the method of application is equally important. A slow-release granular fertilizer is often the preferred choice for established evergreen trees. These granules break down over time, providing a consistent supply of nutrients to the tree.

When applying the fertilizer, measure the distance from the trunk to the tree’s drip line (the outermost edge of the canopy). This is where most of the tree’s feeder roots are located. Spread the granular fertilizer evenly over this area to ensure uniform nutrient distribution. Avoid piling the fertilizer directly against the trunk, which could lead to root damage and premature tree removal.

Frequency of Fertilization

While evergreen trees don’t require constant fertilization, a balanced approach is vital. Applying fertilizer once or twice a year is generally sufficient for most cases. Spring and fall applications align with the tree’s growth patterns and changing nutrient needs. Over-fertilization can lead to excessive growth, making the tree susceptible to diseases and pests. The last thing you want is severe damage and expensive tree removal emergencies. 

Our expert tree service providers can help you select the best fertilizer for evergreen trees by considering the correct parameters, understanding when to fertilize, and following proper application techniques. Each tree has unique needs, so it’s a good idea to consult with local arborists or horticultural experts. Contact us at Southern Star Tree and enjoy a lush and durable landscape.


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