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Trusted Certified Arborist in Alpharetta, GA

Are you looking for someone to remove, prune or provide regular care for your leaves? Southern Star Tree is a team of professional Alpharetta arborists with extensive industry experience and skills to help you maintain a healthy and lush landscape. While it is normal for property owners to take on tree care as a DIY project, you risk harming the trees and yourself if you lack the knowledge and standard tools to do repairs. Not to mention damage to your home, surrounding structures and utility lines.

Working with a certified arborist has many benefits, but first, you must ensure you choose the right service provider. Before any work starts on your premises, here are some factors to consider when choosing professional Alpharetta arborists.

ISA Certification

The first box you need to check in your search for an arborist in Alpharetta is certification. Notably, a certificate from the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). Any arborist not certified by the organization is a potential hazard. For a tree specialist to be approved by the ISA, they need to be examined on tree care and maintenance. The ISA certification is a testament to the contractor's extensive industry knowledge, which helps them make informed recommendations to care for your trees. Another reason a certified arborist in Alpharetta is the best choice is to uphold safety protocols and adhere to the ISA code of ethics for guaranteed professionalism in every project.

Good Testimonials

With all the different Alpharetta arborists, it can be challenging to narrow down possible prospects. We recommend reviewing past clients to determine if they are the ideal tree care providers for your needs. Most companies have an online presence, making it easy to check their websites' reviews before deciding. You can also ask for references from friends and family about the quality of the work performed by a particular arborist in Alpharetta. Steer clear of any arborist without third-party testimonials to ensure you get accurate reviews.

Fair Prices

As it is essential to ensure you aren't overcharged, be careful about service providers in Alpharetta. They provide an extremely low estimate without assessing the condition of your trees first. When a deal is too good to be true, it usually is. Rather than hiring an arborist with the cheapest rates, ensure an in-person inspection is conducted before you are issued with an estimate. This protects you from extra costs that pop up during maintenance. Ask several arborists in Alpharetta for estimates to compare them before deciding.

Proper Pruning Practices

Pruning is an essential tree care practice to boost growth, development and aesthetics. However, failing to apply the appropriate techniques can have a devastating impact on your trees. Therefore, hiring an arborist with industry knowledge is crucial to avoid extreme pruning that can lead to severe damage. Our expert arborist in Alpharetta provides several viable pruning options to ensure your input is considered before starting the project.

For more information on our tree care services, contact us at Southern Star Tree and schedule a consultation with our ISA-certified arborist in Alpharetta. We guarantee quality services at pocket-friendly rates.

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Arborist in Alpharetta, GA
Arborist in Alpharetta, GA
Arborist in Alpharetta, GA
Arborist in Alpharetta, GA

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