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Arborist in Decatur, GA


Trusted Certified Arborist in Decatur, GA

Trees play a crucial role in our ecosystem. Aside from purifying the air we breathe, well-maintained trees add elegance and beauty to every landscape, hence the need to schedule routine maintenance inspections with a professional arborist. Southern Star Tree can help you reap maximum ecological benefits by alleviating the effects of leaving them unkempt. Trees require special care compared to flowers and shrubbery; whether you are removing or pruning, it poses safety hazards for untrained individuals.

A reputable arborist service in Decatur leverages industry-standard equipment and extensive knowledge to provide the care your trees need to grow healthy and robust. A lack of experience and expertise endangers the person doing the work and those around. However, hiring an arborist maintains optimal aesthetic appeal, structural integrity and health of trees on your premises. Here are some reasons you should consider hiring certified Decatur arborists.

Professional Care and Maintenance

Many tree-related problems go undetected until it’s too late and there’s an emergency that calls for emergency care by a certified arborist in Decatur. There are several causes of tree deterioration, such as over-trimming, use of the wrong fertilizer, natural hazards like storm damage and many others. If these issues are not addressed in time, it can lead to severe damage or tree death. This can be prevented by investing in the services of a professional arborist in Decatur. Our trained professional will guide what you need to do to maintain healthy and robust trees.

Arborists Can Work Safely on Trees

Tree care and maintenance can be challenging, particularly for inexperienced and untrained individuals. Our team of certified Decatur arborists are trained to handle every challenge regarding tree care while following safety precautions to ensure the trees remain in optimal condition. Large branches can damage your home, cars and nearby structures if an untrained person performs pruning. A certified arborist can help steer clear of such issues by leveraging cutting-edge equipment and techniques.

Use of Proper Equipment for the Job

While some maintenance practices can be performed using simple home tools, others require standard industry equipment for maximum safety and efficiency. If you prefer a more hands-off approach to tree care, our arborist service in Decatur is adequately equipped and skilled to do any tree-related job. We have state-of-the-art rigging, cutting and trimming equipment, such as pulleys, prunes and climbing gear, among many others. DIY projects tend to be more expensive, especially if you have to rent or purchase your tools. You can avoid this by hiring a certified arborist in Decatur for professional maintenance and care.

Arborists Can Handle Tree Removal

Aside from helping you maintain healthy trees if a tree sustains irreversible damage, an arborist can perform safe removal. The last thing you want is a dead or dying tree on your premises, compromising the safety of your home and those around you. We know how rigorous and time-consuming tree removal is, especially if you lack the knowledge and tools. Our arborists have extensive field experience and equipment to eliminate a severely damaged or dead tree efficiently.

Hiring a certified arborist in Decatur goes a long way to maintaining healthy, beautiful, and robust trees. Contact us at Southern Star Tree and schedule a consultation with our team of representatives. We guarantee top-notch tree care and maintenance at competitive market rates.

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Arborist in Decatur, GA
Arborist in Decatur, GA
Arborist in Decatur, GA
Arborist in Decatur, GA

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