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Arborist in Stone Mountain, GA


Arborist in Stone Mountain, GA

Trees play a vital role in the environment and enhance the aesthetics of your property. At Southern Star Tree, we believe that beautiful, healthy trees are a significant investment with numerous benefits to the community. Our arborist in Stone Mountain can ensure your lawn is in optimal condition. However, poorly maintained trees are a safety hazard that threatens the well-being of your loved ones and property. Our team of professionals has mastered the art and science of caring for and maintaining different types of trees, which is necessary to enhance your trees' beauty, health, and structural soundness.

The first step to maintaining a healthy and lush backyard is hiring a certified arborist, rather than searching online for "arborists near me" and choosing the first service provider to pop up. We leverage cutting-edge tools and equipment to enhance the quality of our services, from appraisals, tree removal, pruning, and emergency tree care, among many more. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from our certified arborist in Stone Mountain.


Southern Star Tree has a well-trained team of Stone Mountain arborists who know when and how to prune trees to improve and maintain your trees' overall appearance, health, and safety. There are many reasons why pruning is recommended, from training young developing trees to getting rid of excess weight. Regardless of the reason for pruning, we take the time to conduct a comprehensive assessment to ensure everything is done correctly without compromising the general well-being of your trees. While most people opt to turn pruning into a DIY project, we recommend hiring a professional arborist in Stone Mountain.

Certified Arborists in Stone Mountain, GA


Different type of trees requires varying conditions to grow, and we can help you make the right decision for your lawn. We use standard industry equipment to ensure every tree is planted correctly in the correct depth and provide the necessary care to help trees mature. If you plant the wrong tree in the wrong location, it can create significant problems in the future from diseases, insects, and stunted growth. A lot of damage and extra cost can arise from poorly planted trees, but we can help you make the right decision for your property.

Plant Health Care

At Southern Star Tree, we believe that preventative maintenance and care are vital to maintaining a tree's general health and structural integrity. Our team of experts in Stone Mountain provides top-notch care to help the tree defend itself from diseases, insect infestations, and site-related conditions. Our team's measures include safety and health preventative assessment, integrated pest management, seasonal irrigation, and corrective pruning, among many more.

Emergency Tree Services

Severe storms and weather can cause branches and entire trees to fall, injuring people and damaged structures and buildings. Since downed trees are hefty, trimming and removing a tree on your lawn becomes dangerous. We can perform the job safely while alleviating the risk of further damage to property and people.

If you are looking for a reliable and reputable service provider in Stone Mountain, contact us today at Southern Star Tree and schedule an appointment with our arborist. We guarantee exceptional tree care and maintenance at a competitive market price.

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Arborist in Stone Mountain, GA
Arborist in Stone Mountain, GA
Arborist in Stone Mountain, GA
Arborist in Stone Mountain, GA

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