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Fall & Winter Tree Care Tips

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10 November,2021

Fall & Winter Tree Care Tips

Fall & Winter Tree Care Tips

As the winter months approach, it’s time to give your trees the tree care they need! Did you know you are supposed to get the trees on your property ready for the cold weather? If not, Southern Star Tree has some tips for preparing your trees for the colder weather that is coming! As a tree company, we’ve seen people kill off their beautiful trees simply because they didn’t know they needed to get them ready for the cold months. We noticed this was happening often, so we figured we would compile a list of our top tips to help you get those trees ready for the winter!

If you are looking to provide your tree with proper tree care so you can avoid tree service such as tree removal, Southern Star Tree has just the thing for you! Keep reading to learn our top tips for fall and winter tree care.

4 Tips for Fall and Winter Tree Care:

  • Pruning

One of the most important things you can do for your trees before the cold weather hits is pruning your trees. This means getting rid of any dead or broken branches, removing any leaves that may still be on them, or removing any branches that are close to your home. This is something you should do every year to ensure your tree thrives in the upcoming spring season.

  • Mulching

When homeowners hear the word "mulch", they typically tend to think of the spring season. But, did you know that you should be mulching your trees year-round? You should try to mulch your trees twice a year – once in the spring, once in the winter. This will ensure your tree gets the proper nutrion it needs to thrive year-round.

  • Irrigation

Similar to mulching, you should always make sure to irrigate your trees year-round. By mulching often, the irrigation, or water, you give your tree will stay within the soil so your trees don’t dry out during the winter and die. Your tree and its roots go through a lot of stress in the wintertime, so making sure to keep it irrigated is a must to ensure its health.

  • Manage pests & disease

If you do things like improve airflow by pruning your tree, you are increasing the protection against pests and disease in your trees. Pests, wildlife, and disease are the #1 causes of trees dying, so take some time to ensure your trees are protected against them. This could be ensuring your trees are treated with certain products against disease or calling a tree company such as Southern Star Tree to provide you with tree service to protect against these things.

Are you looking to prepare your trees with proper tree care? Do you need advice from a tree company on how to get your trees ready for the winter? Are you looking to hire a company for tree service so your trees can thrive year-round? Southern Star Tree is the one to call! Call us today to learn more.


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