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Is My Tree Dying or Dead?

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19 June,2023

Is My Tree Dying or Dead?

Is My Tree Dying or Dead?

Trees are vital for the environment and offer a range of benefits, including shade, food, and shelter for wildlife. While tall, robust trees look healthy; they are susceptible to infections and infestations, compromising overall well-being. As a property owner, it is essential to pinpoint the telltale signs of a dying or dead tree. This goes a long way in mitigating further deterioration, safety hazards, and property damage. Southern Star Tree can help you save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, by inspecting, diagnosing, and addressing tree-related problems before things get out of hand. Here are signs you need to call a tree care company.

Brittle and Brown Bark or Cracks

A common sign of a dying tree is bark deterioration. Call a professional tree service provider if you notice loose or cracked bark that drops. This is a great way to leverage a certified arborist’s expertise and industry knowledge. We can assess the severity of damage and determine the cause before recommending a viable solution. If the damage is irreversible, count on us to handle all the heavy lifting associated with tree and stump removal.

Reduced Foliage

Deciduous trees usually lose foliage or have brown and brittle leaves during the growing season. Look below your trees for fallen leaves and branches to ensure you address the problem early. Homeowners with coniferous evergreens in their yards should look for brown, red, or yellow needles or leaves. When you notice discolored and fallen foliage, it is a sign the tree is dying or dead. The most effective preventive measure is to schedule routine inspections with a trusted tree service provider.

The Abundance of Dead Wood

As mentioned, dead wood on the ground or trees is never a good sign. Although dead wood may not pose an immediate threat, large branches can fall on your home during extreme weather and injure loved ones. Working with a trusted tree care company is advisable to prevent safety hazards and costly repairs. Nothing is more frustrating than coming home to a fallen tree on your home or surrounding structures.

Fungus and Pest Infestation

Trees are home to wildlife, but not all creatures have a symbiotic relationship. Insects such as carpenter ants and bark beetles thrive in stressed trees, causing more damage and death. Besides unwanted critters, look for cankers that often show a fungal or bacterial infection. The most noticeable sign of tree death is mushrooms growing around the tree trunk. Whenever you see pests or fungus, please call a tree service provider for an inspection.

Develops a Sudden Lean

If a tree in your backyard develops a sudden lean, don’t ignore it! Abnormal growth is a sign of general weakness or a compromised structural balance. Once you suspect abnormal growth patterns, call a tree care company to determine if the tree is salvageable. The severity of damage will determine the course of action, ensuring you protect your family and property from tree-related damage.

Now that you know the telltale signs of a dying or dead tree, contact us at Southern Star Tree and schedule a consultation with our certified arborists. We provide a wide range of services, including tree planting, maintenance, and removal, at competitive rates.


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