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Six Signs of an Unhealthy Tree

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13 March,2023

Six Signs of an Unhealthy Tree

Six Signs of an Unhealthy Tree

Trees play a vital role in our ecosystem, and their importance can never be overemphasized. However, trees are susceptible to diseases and infestations, which affect their overall well-being. Although fully developed trees may appear strong and healthy, failing to detect minor signs of damage can cause premature death. Southern Star Tree has seasoned arborists ready to inspect, detect, and address trivial signs of damage before things get out of hand. Hiring a professional tree care company allows you to leverage the extensive expertise and experience of certified tree service providers. Here are symptoms of an unhealthy tree to look out for.

Brown and Brittle Bark

The bark of a severely damaged or unhealthy tree cracks and falls off. Call a trusted tree care company immediately if you notice missing bark or vertical fissures. Breaks in the bark can extend into the tree’s interior and exterior cavities, creating weakness and potential damage during storms or other extreme weather occurrences. Regularly assess your tree bark for damage or schedule routine inspections with a professional tree service.

Few Healthy Leaves

As we approach spring, ensure your trees have lush green leaves. Any sign of brittle and brown foliage on certain parts is a problem that needs immediate attention. Dead leaves may not be a significant cause for concern, but if left unchecked can spread to the entire tree. Regardless of the type of trees in your yard, a change in leaf color is a sign you need to provide care and maintenance. Nothing is more frustrating than a dead tree on your property attracting unwanted critters.

The Abundance of Dead Branches

A piece of dead wood or a few branches does not always show health problems or potential death. However, an increase in dead wood may signal complications and potential damage. A severely damaged or dead tree can collapse without warning, causing devastating damage to your property and safety hazards. We can assess your trees’ condition to determine the damage’s severity and whether it is salvageable.

Insect and Fungi Infestations

Carpenter ants and bark beetles thrive on weak or dying trees. If you have a feeble, dying, or dead tree, there’s a high chance these pests have invaded your premises. Besides pests, fungi and bacteria also thrive in such conditions and can affect the surrounding healthy trees. Hiring a tree care company for routine inspections and professional maintenance is the best way to protect your trees.


Trees lean for various reasons, from damaged roots to over saturated soil and strong winds. While some of these causes are easy to fix, they may pose a safety hazard if the tree is leaning near utility lines or your home. If a tree in your yard suddenly leans, hire a tree care company to examine it before it is too late. We can assess the severity of the problem and recommend an ideal solution to mitigate further deterioration and costly repairs.


Cankers are visible sores on a tree and a symptom of suffering. An infected tree develops open sores in the bark, which enhance susceptibility to pests and insect infestation. Luckily, cankers can be detected easily, allowing homeowners to act before the tree is overwhelmed. Our arborists can pinpoint the cause of cankers and provide long-term solutions to prevent further damage.

Please don’t leave an unhealthy tree unattended. Contact us at Southern Star Tree and schedule a consultation with our experts. We offer a wide range of tree services, from planting to routine care and removal, at competitive rates.


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