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The Real Dangers of Hiring Unlicensed Tree Professionals

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22 April,2021

The Real Dangers of Hiring Unlicensed Tree Professionals

The Real Dangers of Hiring Unlicensed Tree Professionals

Trees are exceptional additions to any yard or landscape, potentially increasing the value of the property by up to ten percent. Granted, the trees will have to be well-kept and groomed. A disheveled and disorderly landscape can be more of a liability than an asset. 
If you want to make the most of your trees and property, then invest in professional tree service, and don’t just hire any tree professional. Take it from the professionals at Southern Star Tree Service: hiring unlicensed tree professional can expose you to risks and costs that you may not consider. Continue reading to learn about the dangers of hiring unlicensed tree professionals.

They May Damage Property

It is easy to underestimate the sheer size and weight of a tree branch when looking at it from afar. Only once it comes crashing on a car or building can you grasp how destructive trees can be. 
If you notice dangling or overhanging branches, or if a tree looks like it is leaning a little too much then it might be time for a tree trimming or tree removal. These are not simple tasks. There is a method to trimming and tree cutting. Swinging an axe or chainsaw haphazardly can send a tree or large branch crashing down on property.
Unlicensed tree service providers may not have the experience or ability to calculate and predict which way a tree is going to fall. They may cause a tree to fall on nearby cars, buildings, or structures. Avoid this unnecessary damage by working with a licensed professional.

Unlicensed Professional May Harm Trees

The whole point of hiring a tree service professional is to improve the health and enhance the appearance of your trees. Unlicensed tree service providers may not understand industry standards and techniques. They can perform detrimental practices like tipping and topping, which can injure trees and expose them to disease and infestations. They may also thin out branches too much, leaving your trees looking bare and naked. A licensed professional can turn your trees into beautiful fixtures that add a whole new dimension to your yard.

You May Be Liable for Damages and Injury

As we mentioned, an unlicensed tree service provider may not have the proper knowledge to carry out tree trimming, cutting, and removal properly and safely. The individual may sustain animal and insect bites, infections, rashes, electrocutions, and other injuries. They may also fall or experience some sort of impact injury. If the employee is working under an unlicensed contractor and they are not insured, then you may be liable for the damages and injury. You might get sued for thousands of dollars and have to endure a trying legal battle.

Trust the Licensed Professionals

Don’t risk hiring an unlicensed tree service professional. Instead, put your tree in the hands of reliable professionals by hiring licensed tree service providers. The professionals at Southern Star Tree Service are always happy to help. Call Southern Star Tree Service to consult with a courteous professional and schedule your flexible appointment today.


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