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Ways to Improve the Yield of Your Fruit Trees

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21 October,2020

Ways to Improve the Yield of Your Fruit Trees

Ways to Improve the Yield of Your Fruit Trees

Who plants fruits trees only for aesthetics? When you plant fruit trees, you expect a generous production of delicious fruits. Unfortunately, there are many things that can go wrong and result in disappointing harvests. Don’t quit though. Your friends at Southern Star Tree Service has put together this article to help you improve the yield of your fruit trees. Proper care and maintenance will go a long way. If you prefer to have an ISA-certified arborist take care of the dirty work, then call Southern Star Tree Service to schedule your flexible appointment today. Let’s get started.

Understand and Be Familiar with Your Fruit Trees

A tree is a living organism just like animals and humans. They have specific characteristics and needs. Research your fruit trees ahead of time to understand the optimal conditions for their growth. This is the only way that you can care for the tree as it should be cared for. For example, some tree species self-pollinate but others need to be grouped near particular and compatible trees. Knowledge is power. Do your due diligence before planting that fruit tree.

Hire Some Bees

We are not joking. As mentioned earlier, many fruit trees require cross pollination and bees are one of nature’s more productive pollinators. Unfortunately, the bee population has been falling over the years, so you might not get to benefit from free, natural labor. Instead, you should invest in a small apiary. This will help your fruit tree yield and give you tens of pounds of honey per hive to enjoy. Be sure to contact your city, county, and state governing bodies to become familiar with the laws and regulations regarding beekeeping.

Fight Off Pests

Perhaps your fruit trees are doing just fine but birds, bugs, and squirrels are the ones enjoying the fruits of your labor. We do not recommend chemical pesticides but take appropriate measures to repel these thieves. There are many plants that repel pests. For instance, basils repel house flies and mosquitoes, chives repel Japanese beetles, and oregano repels many pests.

Feed Your Trees

That’s right. Trees need nutrients just as we do. Ensure that your fruit trees have the bare necessities of life by watering them sufficiently and fertilizing regularly. A soil test can help you determine what nutrients are lacking in your tree’s soil. Also, consider adding mulch to retain moisture.

Prune Regularly

Tree Pruning is the removal of diseased or problematic branches. Seasonally removing these limbs can direct valuable nutrients and energy toward new growth. It will also allow better air flow and sunlight. You can hire an ISA-certified arborist from Southern Start Tree Service to schedule your tree pruning appointment if you are not familiar with how to do it yourself.

Call Your Local Arborists

If you would like professional service, then call Southern Star Tree Service to hire an ISA-certified arborist today. Our friendly representatives are always happy to help you schedule your flexible appointment. Let’s get started today!


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