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What Are "Tree Surgeons?"

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16 May,2022

What Are

What Are "Tree Surgeons?"

Scheduling routine maintenance with professional tree service is pivotal to maintaining a healthy and lush lawn. Southern Star Tree has an experienced team of experts with extensive industry experience and expertise to provide exceptional tree care services. Many tree care professionals provide various crucial services to maintaining a safe and healthy backyard. Choosing the right expert is the first step toward tree conservation as a homeowner.

A tree surgeon is tasked with nurturing trees to health and providing a range of other services towards tree conservation. Another term used to refer to a tree surgeon is a horticultural engineer specializing in cultivation and tree care services. Our experts leverage the extensive knowledge and skills to effectively assess the health of trees in your backyard and recommend the proper tree care services to maintain and restore tree health. Here are some services provided by tree surgeons:

Planting and Replanting

A tree surgeon has cultivation expertise to plant and replant trees in the appropriate environment that promotes good health of the trees and surroundings. If you have planted trees in your yard that are not in optimal condition, it might be time you consider professional tree services. Our tree surgeons consider various factors like the type of tree, soil condition, season, and many other critical factors that impact tree health.

Pest Control

Pests are among the leading causes of tree damage and death. A licensed professional can detect signs of a potential infestation before the damage sustained is irreversible. We leverage state-of-the-art tools and equipment to alleviate potential threats to your tree's health, and that includes eliminating pests.

Tree Felling

Trees play a crucial role in our environment and the aesthetics of your property. However, a damaged tree poses a safety hazard and requires to be cut down. Southern Star Tree has experienced tree surgeons who provide exceptional tree felling service, guaranteed to improve the quality and safety of your property. Aside from removing damaged or dying trees, we also perform tree felling on healthy trees that compromise the safety of your loved ones and property upon the client's request.

Stump Removal

After cutting down a tree, a tree surgeon will proceed to remove the stump to avoid attracting unwanted critters to your yard. Depending on the plans you have for your property, we can recommend the ideal stump removal solution. If you intend to add other structures to your property, removing the entire stump from the ground for a fresh start is advisable. A less intrusive solution is shredding the stump beneath the ground, where it can't be seen.

These are some of the many services a tree care company provides, including regular maintenance checks to mitigate potential damage and maintain healthy trees. While DIY tree maintenance seems cost-effective, you risk further damage and costly repairs. Call us today at Southern Star Tree and schedule an appointment with our team. We guarantee quality tree services at a competitive market price.


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