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Why Your Trees Need Regular Trimming

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11 April,2023

Why Your Trees Need Regular Trimming

Why Your Trees Need Regular Trimming

Trees are essential for your yard and overall property. Whether providing shade and enhancing curb appeal or increasing property value, their significance in the ecosystem is irrefutable. However, planting trees is not enough. Regular care and maintenance by a professional tree service help to maintain optimal health. Tree trimming is an important maintenance activity that is often overlooked by property owners, especially when the signs of deterioration are undetectable. Southern Star Tree can help you provide your trees with the best maintenance, alleviating concerns associated with delayed care. Here are the benefits of regular tree trimming.

Better Health

Tree trimming entails cutting overgrown, damaged, or dead branches. Although it causes minor injuries, periodically trimming trees improves overall health and longevity. If you have large trees in your backyard, getting adequate nutrients to sustain optimal growth can be difficult. It is more challenging if diseased, damaged or dead branches are overwhelming the tree. Since trimming is highly technical, hiring a tree care company ensures the project is conducted professionally.

Fewer Diseases

As mentioned, trimming encompasses eliminating diseased and severely damaged limbs. When you suspect a problem with your tree, arborists from a reputable tree care company can inspect, detect, diagnose and address the problem. We leverage extensive industry knowledge and expertise to notice the slightest signs of damage and recommend long-term solutions to prevent the spreading of healthy trees. The last thing you want is to have a dying or dead tree on your premises, compromising the safety of your home and the well-being of the surrounding greenery.

More Sunlight

Sunlight is essential for tree growth. It induces the process of photosynthesis when UV rays reach the leaves, ensuring the tree grows healthy and robust. When overgrown branches are unattended, they obscure parts of the tree from direct sunlight, compromising photosynthesis capabilities. You can improve sunlight exposure by hiring a trusted tree service to trim overgrown branches, helping your trees reach their full potential.

Minimize Root Loss

Tree roots need sufficient oxygen and water to survive. If a tree loses up to 40% of its root structure, it may not have the energy to provide anchorage or maintain optimal health. This increases susceptibility to falls, infections and infestations if you don’t act. The most effective way of preventing such scary scenarios is to schedule regular inspections and trimming services.

Reduce Damages

During storms and other adverse weather, tree branches can come crashing down on your home and surrounding structures. This can cause devastating damages depending on the size of the branch and often results in costly repairs and cleanup projects. We urge people in areas prone to storms, heavy rains or strong winds to have a reputable tree service provider on hand. Professional trimming ensures only sturdy branches are left and allows arborists to address other signs of damage in time.

The list of tree-trimming benefits is not limited to the ones listed, but it looks at what you can gain in the long run. Contact us at Southern Star Tree to schedule an appointment with our representatives. We provide various tree services at friendly rates, including planting, trimming, pruning, fertilization, and many more.


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