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6 Signs of Tree Problems to Look Out For

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15 March,2022

6 Signs of Tree Problems to Look Out For

6 Signs of Tree Problems to Look Out For

Did you know a tree can become sick until it topples over? Most property and homeowners delay providing professional tree service, which compromises the health and well-being of their trees. As the leading tree care company, Southern Star Tree recommends scheduling regular maintenance checks with an expert to detect early damage signs. Failure to detect such issues in time also affects the safety of your home since a damaged tree can fall on your property or harm anyone around. Here are some of the signs to look out for so that you can call a tree care company for specialized tree service.

Tree Bark Changes

While most tree damage signs are not easily detected until it is too late, bark changes are easy to see. Once you notice black spots on the tree bark, or fungus growing on your tree, it means you need to have your trees checked by an expert. We have an experienced and well-trained team ready to help you maintain healthy and long-lasting trees. Other signs to look for on tree barks include peeling, cracking, crumbling, or spongy bark.

Cracks in the Tree Trunk

Although cracks usually form on tree trunks are considered harmless, if they run deep enough and are significant, it is advisable to hire a professional. Failure to address the issue can compromise the tree's structural integrity, posing a safety risk. At Southern Star Tree, we believe in conducting a comprehensive assessment to pinpoint any potentially threatening signs and provide the necessary care to prevent further deterioration.

Reduced Foliage

A sign of a healthy tree is full leaf coverage throughout summer and spring. While most trees tend to lose foliage during winter, it doesn't mean that they should stop producing leaves altogether. If you detect a tree in your backyard without leaves during spring or summer, then you are due a maintenance check. A tree care company in Stone Mountain can assess the severity of damage to determine if it is irreversible or badly damaged to the point it needs to be removed.

Discolored Leaves

If you see changes in leaf color that you can't explain, it could be a sign of several other problems, and Southern Star Tree can help you get to the bottom of it. We can determine if your trees are getting sufficient sunlight, water, or nutrients since this can be the color change. The last thing you want is to spread to the entire tree, resulting in tree death.

Fungal Disease

Fungal diseases are pretty dangerous since they can be spread by air or other infected trees. Fungal infections need to be dealt with before they attack the roots, causing permanent damage to the tree. Some of the signs to look out for include the presence of mushrooms, chipped bark or conk-shaped fruiting bodies that appear around the tree.


Many different pests can wreak havoc in your yard if you are not careful. That's why Southern Star Tree recommends scheduling routine checks with our qualified experts to detect pest damages before it gets to a full-blown infestation. Contact us today and enjoy top-notch tree service at a competitive market rate.


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