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7 Reasons Your Trees Look Bad

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31 January,2023

7 Reasons Your Trees Look Bad

7 Reasons Your Trees Look Bad

Did you know trees are living and breathing? This makes them susceptible to injuries or diseases, and our responsibility is to provide regular care and maintenance. A diseased tree often has telltale signs of deterioration, which may not be obvious to an inexperienced person. Southern Star Tree is a professional tree care company with certified arborists ready to help you maintain healthy and durable trees. While many DIY alternatives to tree care exist, working with an arborist guarantees long-term solutions. Here are reasons trees look bad and why you should call an experienced arborist.

Leaves Changing Color

If the leaves on one part of the tree change color, consult a professional before the damage becomes more pronounced. Although many trees change color in autumn, check other trees in the neighborhood for similar changes. If your trees are the only ones changing leaf color, it signifies an infestation or infection. We can assess, detect, diagnose, and address small signs of damage, giving you peace of mind knowing the problem is handled by a certified arborist.

Leaves Dropping

It is common for dry leaves to drop off your tree, but when they fall prematurely, act before it affects the entire tree. There are many reasons leaves drop off trees, such as lack of energy because of climate stressors, issues with soil moisture, or the tree’s overall health is compromised. An arborist should be called if a tree in your backyard has thinned recently, preventing the loss of leaves and the subsequent health hazards.

No Leaves

As mentioned, trees lose leaves for varying reasons, like disease, stress, and root issues. If you find your tree has no leaves, don’t panic! This doesn’t mean your tree is dead. We can dispatch a certified arborist to assess the tree and determine the severity of the damage. A severely damaged tree may not be salvageable, and removal might be a viable alternative. If so, a tree service has the equipment and skills to handle the job safely.

Oozing Sap

Tree ooze sap for various reasons. Like blood in the human body, sap transfers throughout the tree through a vascular system. We use the sap to determine your tree’s health and recommend a suitable solution to the problem. Excessive oozing, also called bleeding, can signify disease or decreased health. If a tree in your backyard is bleeding, it may be time to call a reputable tree care company.

Cracks in the Bark

The trunk supplies essential nutrients and water from the roots to the rest of the tree. If cracks in the bark, the softwood, and the heartwood separate, compromising the tree’s structural integrity. The impact may not be immediate, but leaving it untreated makes the tree susceptible to disease, insects, and decay.

Root Problems

Roots grow beneath the ground, which makes it difficult to detect signs of damage. However, the root plate is decaying if you see fungi growing around the tree’s base. Severe root degradation creates a disconnection with the lateral root system, making it unstable and a potential safety hazard. A trusted tree service can tell if the root system is diseased or damaged by lawnmowers and recommend the best solution to fix the problem.

Falling Tree

Call a tree care company if you come home to a leaning tree in the backyard! We can determine if the tree has issues and try to restore optimal health and stability. Tree removal can help prevent future incidents if the damage is too severe, protecting your loved ones from injuries and property damage. Look out for trees leaning precariously to get ahead of the problem.

Contact us at Southern Star Tree and talk to our certified arborists about maintaining healthy and safe trees. We leverage extensive industry experience and skills to provide exceptional tree services without breaking the bank.


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