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Big Trees and Big Risks

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23 February,2024

Big Trees and Big Risks

Big Trees and Big Risks

Big trees certainly enhance the beauty and value of any property, but their magnificence also comes with several risks. When towering trees grow too close to structures or people, they can pose significant hazards. Suppose you are a property owner with enormous trees in your backyard. In that case, recognizing these risks and scheduling routine inspections with a tree care company can enhance the safety of your premises. At the Southern Star Tree, we leverage innovative equipment and expertise to help property owners develop a comprehensive plan to prevent tree-related injuries and property damage. Here are the risks associated with huge trees you should know. 

Structural Damage 

The most common risk big trees pose is structural damage to buildings, fences, and other property features. As trees grow, their roots expand and infiltrate foundations, causing cracks and structural deterioration. In addition, delaying tree pruning and trimming allows overhanging branches to scrape against roofs, gutters, and siding, causing costly repairs. If you notice low-hanging limbs, hire arborists from a trusted tree service to address the problem and prevent catastrophic damage to homes and vehicles.

Injury Risks 

As mentioned, large trees can risk injuries to individuals on the property. Weak or decaying branches may fall unexpectedly, endangering anyone below. This risk is concerning, especially in areas where children or pets frequently play, prompting preventive measures like tree trimming and pruning. In addition, uneven terrain caused by root systems can create trip hazards, increasing the likelihood of accidents. The best way to avoid such scenarios is to hire a professional tree service for routine care and maintenance. 

Utility Interference 

The expansive root systems of mature trees can interfere with underground utility lines, including water pipes, sewer lines, and electrical conduits. This interference can disrupt essential services and pose a safety hazard. Roots may wrap around pipes, causing them to crack or rupture, causing water leaks or sewage backups. In the case of electrical lines, root intrusion can cause power outages or even electrical fires. If you have a gigantic tree posing significant property and personal safety risks, we can recommend lasting solutions like tree removal for peace of mind. 

Fire Hazards 

Trees offer many benefits, including shade and shelter. However, they can also contribute to fire hazards, especially in regions prone to wildfires. Dry or dead vegetation accumulated within the canopy of a large tree can fuel wildfires, spreading flames to nearby structures. Arborists or DIYers can mitigate such scenarios by recommending tree pruning to eliminate overhanging branches and dry foliage. If the damage is irreversible, we may recommend tree removal to ensure safety throughout.

Environmental Impact 

Beyond the immediate risks to property and personal safety, large trees can also have broader environmental effects. Invasive root systems may compete with nearby vegetation for water and nutrients, affecting the health of surrounding plants and ecosystems. In addition, tree removal without proper planning and replacement can disrupt local wildlife habitats and affect biodiversity.

While big trees contribute to any landscape’s beauty and charm, property owners must know the potential risks they pose. Consulting with a tree care company can help identify potential hazards and develop strategies to mitigate them effectively. Contact us at the Southern Star Tree and schedule an appointment with our experts. We provide exceptional services, from tree trimming and pruning to removal, ensuring the safety of our surroundings without compromising the aesthetic appeal.


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