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Does Tree Pruning Increase Your Property Value?

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22 August,2022

Does Tree Pruning Increase Your Property Value?

Does Tree Pruning Increase Your Property Value?

Tree pruning entails selectively removing dead or broken branches before it compromises the general well-being of your trees. It also eliminates branches rubbing against each other or growing in an unwanted direction. While most homeowners opt to take on tree maintenance as a DIY project, without the experience or proper tools needed, you risk significant tree damage that affects the aesthetics of your property. Southern Star Tree is a reputable tree service that leverages cutting-edge tools and equipment, guaranteeing quality tree care and improved curb appeal. Here are some ways professional tree pruning can enhance the beauty of your landscape.

Visual Appeal

One of the most common reasons for pruning trees is to enhance the aesthetics of your property. A healthy, well-shaped tree with strong branches makes your home look more inviting as far as first impressions go. Pruning can help attract the right buyers without compromising your return on investment (ROI) if you are considering putting your home on the market. Schedule a maintenance check with our experts, and watch your landscape transform.

Reduced Risk

Overgrown branches and foliage tend to break easily, potentially damaging property and injuring anyone around the premises. It also makes the tree susceptible to diseases and infestations, affecting its overall health. Our experienced tree service experts can assess and identify signs of deterioration before recommending a suitable solution. However, failing to address the problem can increase risks, rendering your backyard unsafe.

Lowered Cooling Costs

Did you know that tree pruning can help reduce energy costs? Getting rid of broken or unhealthy branches promotes the growth of a fuller canopy, providing natural shade for your home. This protects your indoor space from receiving direct sunlight, maintaining cool temperatures even during hot summer. Potential buyers also appreciate a home that doesn’t have a high energy bill, which increases the beauty and value of your property.

Less Soil Erosion

A healthy, robust tree with a fully-matured root system holds the soil beneath firmer than an emaciated tree with shallow roots. This is vital because soil erosion leads to other problems, such as sinkholes and structural damage. Tree pruning encourages growth and development, protecting your home from the devastating effects of soil erosion.

Reduced Noise Pollution

The proper pruning technique can increase the density of the canopy, which muffles noise pollution from noisy neighbors or busy streets. We recommend pruning at the branch collar to boost lateral growth, creating a quitter and more peaceful surrounding. Home buyers will pay premium rates for properties that are a haven from the nosy city streets.

Increased Privacy

Another benefit to having a denser canopy is more privacy from passersby and neighbors. This is particularly helpful if you live in a crowded neighborhood since potential buyers are looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle. We can help you create a secluded oasis for unwinding or entertaining guests with a flawless natural look.

Contact us at Southern Star Tree and schedule a consultation with our tree pruning experts. Leverage our extensive industry knowledge and expertise to maintain a healthy and thriving lawn without breaking the bank.


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