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6 Signs Your Trees Need to Be Pruned

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31 August,2022

6 Signs Your Trees Need to Be Pruned

6 Signs Your Trees Need to Be Pruned

Pruning is a vital maintenance activity that homeowners should regularly conduct to maintain a healthy and lush landscape. There are many reasons why you should consider tree pruning if it's not part of your maintenance itinerary. Southern Star Tree is your go-to tree care company whether your trees have overgrown foliage and are in dire need of trimming or some limbs have signs of deterioration. We leverage cutting-edge tools and equipment, guaranteeing nothing short of excellence in every job. Here are some signs to look out for that show your trees need to be pruned.

Maintain the Desired Shape

A tree doesn't always grow in a tidy, precise shape, and scheduling routine pruning with a reputable tree service helps to ensure they grow optimally in desired patterns. If there's a short tree with dense foliage in your yard, it may be time you consider trimming. However, fruit trees are different and require specific shapes to maximize production without overwhelming the branches.

Healthier Trees

Many infections and infestations are usually spread from one tree to another, and the entire yard can be compromised if you aren't careful. By scheduling regular inspections with a trusted tree care company, damaged limbs are detected early and pruned before the problem spreads throughout the tree, resulting in severe or worse, death. Routine maintenance helps prevent deterioration and ensures the tree is in tip-top condition.

Enhance Curb Appeal

Unkempt trees impact your landscape negatively, which is not ideal if you want to keep your premises safe or looking to put your home on the market. First impressions go a long way in attracting the right buyer and getting a significant return on investment. Pruning alleviates the damaged portions of your trees, enhancing your property's features and overall aesthetics.

Restrict Excessive Growth

While growth measures a tree's well-being near utility lines and structures, trees must be trimmed to avoid dangerous situations like falling branches. When you notice branches rubbing against each other or leaning on power lines, you need to call a tree service to carefully prune them without risking damage or the safety of anyone around. Even a small tree can be a problem if left to grow in any direction, but routine maintenance restricts excessive growth and the subsequent effects.

Give Life to Other Plants

One of the main reasons for planting trees in the backyard is to cut down air conditioning costs with the shade they provide. However, too much shade is not always good and prevents effective air, water, and light absorption by plants growing below. Strategically pruning trees can ensure all the plants get essential for optimal growth without compromising the shade you enjoy on a sunny day.

Increase Flower and Fruit Production

Seasonal fruit or flowering trees must be trimmed regularly to maximize fruit production and produce the best blossoms. Trimming removes excess limbs, giving the tree sufficient energy to support newer growth. Due to the intricate process of pruning fruit trees, it is advisable to hire a tree service provider.

We have a team of arborists with extensive industry knowledge and skills, ready to help you maintain healthy and robust trees. Contact us at Southern Star Tree and schedule a consultation with our representatives.


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