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Tree Care During Wet Weather

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13 September,2022

Tree Care During Wet Weather

Tree Care During Wet Weather

If you live in a place that regularly receives wet and dry weather, it is crucial to understand its impact on the overall well-being of your trees. Southern Star Tree has a team of well-trained and experienced arborists ready to help you maintain healthy and robust trees throughout the year. Most parts of the country can experience rain during any season, which is suitable for the trees, but when it is in excess, it can affect your trees’ health.

Homeowners tend to make trivial errors when landscaping, like turning on the irrigation system during the cold and rainy seasons, which only increases moisture levels. This can be detrimental to the general health of your trees, hence the need to consult a trusted tree care company for maintenance. Here are some reasons to prevent the soil around your trees from excess moisture levels.

Trees Can Become Unstable

After a prolonged period of hot weather, heavy rains can shift the root plates in your trees, compromising the structural integrity of the entire tree. If you detect holes forming around the base of a tree, it is a sign that there’s root plate movement, and a professional tree service provider should address the problem. Failure to rectify the issue can lead to the action of the entire tree, which compromises the safety of everyone on your premises.

Infections and Infestations

Wet soil creates the perfect environment for fungal growth and diseases that weaken the tree until it dies. In addition, prolonged damp soil conditions attract unwanted critters to your home, which spread infections and speed up the deterioration process. We believe scheduling routine maintenance inspections with a reputable tree care company ensures you detect signs of disease early before it spreads to other healthy trees.

Loss of Nutrients

The top layer of soil contains vital nutrients needed for growth and nourishment. However, prolonged rainfall washes the fertile soil away, reducing the soil quality around your trees. If trees can’t access the nutrients it needs to grow; it can be detrimental to their health, leading to canopy dieback. Routine inspections by an expert tree service can help detect the problem early, giving you time to fertilize the soil.

Ways of Caring for Trees in Wet Weather

The most effective way to maintain healthy trees throughout wet weather is to improve the drainage in your premises. Installing subsurface and surface drainage prevents moisture from accumulating and damaging your trees. Homeowners should also clear blockages in their drains to avoid flooding.

Fungi and diseases are prevalent in wet weather, and detecting signs of deterioration can help take the appropriate action towards tree care. If mushrooms start to grow around the base of the tree, you need to call an arborist to assess the severity of the damage and recommend a viable solution. Finally, adding a layer of mulch around the base of the tree is a good way of protecting the soil from moisture and retaining nutrients.

Contact us at Southern Star Tree if you are looking for a professional tree care company to help you protect your trees in wet weather. We guarantee top-notch services at pocket-friendly rates.


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