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Four Types of Trees That Will Add Value to Your Home

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26 September,2023

Four Types of Trees That Will Add Value to Your Home

Four Types of Trees That Will Add Value to Your Home

Landscaping is vital in increasing property value, and planting trees is a cost-effective and visually pleasing option. Trees contribute to your home’s aesthetics and offer practical advantages such as shade, privacy, and support for local ecosystems. As a reputable tree care company, Southern Star Tree recommends these four tree varieties that have the potential to boost your home’s worth significantly.

Japanese Maple 

Japanese Maple trees are renowned for their exquisite foliage and graceful appearance. Characterized by delicate, intricately shaped leaves in vibrant red, orange, and purple shades, these trees effortlessly become a focal point in any landscape. Here’s how Japanese Maple trees can elevate your property’s value:

Aesthetic Allure

Japanese Maples are often described as living works of art. Their aesthetic charm can instantly enhance your home’s curb appeal, making it more appealing to prospective buyers. However, routine care is essential to ensure healthy growth and prevent premature tree removal emergencies. 

Year-Round Interest

These trees offer year-round visual interest. During spring and summer, Japanese maple trees dazzle with colorful leaves, while in winter, their unique branching structure adds a distinctive touch to your landscape.


Cedar trees are renowned for their imposing presence and fragrant wood. Not only are they visually appealing, but they also bring several advantages for homeowners:

Timeless Elegance

Cedars are distinguished by their majestic, evergreen foliage that imparts a sense of timeless elegance to any property. Their conical shape and rich green hue create a welcoming aura. If you have cedar trees in your yard, hire professional arborists to ensure they maintain timeless elegance.

Low Maintenance

Cedars are relatively low-maintenance trees once they establish themselves. This attribute is enticing to potential buyers seeking a beautiful, yet manageable, landscape. You don’t have to worry about hiring tree service providers regularly for care. 


Magnolia trees are beloved for their large, fragrant blossoms and luxuriant green leaves. These trees can augment your home’s value considerably through the following features:

Year-Round Foliage

Although Magnolias are primarily known for their spring blossoms, they also offer attractive evergreen foliage that sustains visual interest throughout the year. Call professional arborists immediately if you notice telltale signs of deterioration on the foliage. 

Enhanced Curb Appeal

A strategically placed Magnolia tree can serve as a focal point in your landscape, attracting attention and admiration from passersby. Our tree service experts assess your property and pinpoint suitable areas for planting. 

Red Oak 

Red Oak trees are native to North America and are known for their imposing presence, sturdy wood, and vibrant autumn foliage. Here’s how red oak trees in your yard can contribute to the property’s value:

Autumn Splendor

Red Oak trees are prized for their dazzling display of red, orange, and burgundy leaves in the fall. This burst of color can make your property stand out and create a lasting impression. If the leaves don’t change color in the fall, consult a tree care company for an inspection. 


These trees have impressive lifespans, often spanning decades or even centuries. This feature can entice buyers by seeking a long-term investment in their property’s landscaping.

When increasing your home’s value, strategically planting trees can be a prudent investment. Consider these tree varieties when planning your landscaping project, and witness how they elevate the value and beauty of your home. Contact us at Southern Star Tree for quality services, including tree removal, planting, and maintenance.


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