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How to Monitor Trees for Signs of Insects & Disease

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13 October,2021

How to Monitor Trees for Signs of Insects & Disease

How to Monitor Trees for Signs of Insects & Disease

It’s no surprise that the presence of bugs or disease can kill off the beautiful trees that you’ve worked so hard to grow. Trees don’t seem to change much from day to day, do they? Meaning, if your tree is suffering from insect infestation or any kind of disease, you may not notice it right away. Southern Star Tree is here to help you determine the signs of insect infestation or disease in your trees.

Some problems in your trees can be spotted almost immediately, while others may take weeks or even months to become visible. It’s important to know the various signs you may see when your tree is infested with insects or dealing with some sort of disease. As a reliable and trustworthy tree company providing you with tree service, we want you to know what those signs are. Keep reading to see what the signs of insect and disease are in your trees so you can avoid tree removal at all costs…

5 Signs Your Trees Have Insects or Disease

  • Fungal growth

If you notice things like mushrooms or fungus growing on or around your tree, which is a telltale sign that your tree has some sort of disease. When you hire a tree company such as Southern Star Tree, we can easily determine what kind of disease your tree has and we can find a solution to fix it.

  • Discoloration or loss of leaves

Your trees are supposed to change color as the fall season arrives, but they aren’t supposed to turn too early or be discolored. If the leaves on your trees are typically green and turn to a reddish-orange, but you are noticing they are changing to a muddy brown color, you may have some sort of disease in your tree that is causing discoloration or loss of leaves.

  • Nests or caterpillars

It’s normal for birds to live in your trees, it’s normal for squirrels to play in your trees, but it’s not normal for insect nests of caterpillars to be living in your trees. Caterpillars seem harmless, right? But they actually pose a health risk to your trees sink they latch onto your trees and absorb the nutrients from it.

  • Exit holes in the trunk

Any holes you see in the trunk of your tree or its branches are most likely holes created from insects living within your tree. It’s important to regularly inspect your trees for these small holes. You’ll want to take your time looking it over since sometimes these holes can be not much bigger than a push pin.

  • Dark areas

If you notice dark spots on your tree trunk, that’s a common sign of disease or insect infestation. These dark spots oftentimes have oozing liquid coming from them, meaning you need to get Southern Star Tree to your home immediately.

Do you need a tree company to provide you with diagnosing tree service or tree removal? Is something off with the trees on your property and you need a tree service? Call Southern Star Tree today to learn more about our services and what we do.


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