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Tips to Choose a Tree For Your Landscape

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29 September,2021

Tips to Choose a Tree For Your Landscape

Choosing Trees For Your Landscape

When it comes to choosing a tree to plant in your yard, you have to consider so many different factors – you can’t just choose one that you think is pretty. Depending on what kind of tree you pick, it may need to be planted during a specific season, it may need a certain amount of water and sunlight, and it may not grow easily in your specific location and climate. People that buy trees and have them die within their first year are usually uneducated about what that tree type needs in order to thrive. That’s why Southern Star Tree wants to give you some tips for choosing the right tree for your landscape.

Choosing a tree for your landscape should be fun and exciting, but it’s important to consider all the different aspects before investing in a new tree. Southern Star Tree has seen so many people buy trees just to have them die since they aren’t in the right location and don’t receive what they need. So if you want advice from a tree company that provides tree services such as tree removal and tree care, keep reading to learn our top tips for choosing a tree for your landscape…

5 Tips to Choose a Tree for Your Landscape

1.  Determine your planting goal

If your main goal of planting a tree is for its beauty, you have to dive deeper than that. The Southern Star Tree team wants you to ask yourself why you want to plant this tree. Do you want privacy? Do you want to increase shade? Is it a family heirloom? Establishing a planting goal will make choosing the right tree easier.

2.  Choose the right location

The location you are planting your team is the most important. Depending on what kind of tree you are planting it may need complete sun, complete shade, or a combination of both. Make sure you know what your tree needs and plant it in the proper location based on that.

3.  Consider your area

Before you plant your tree, you’ll want to consider different things about your area. Do you have a lot of deer? Do you have wildlife that will eat your tree? Is your area smaller and the roots won’t have much room to grow? These are all factors Southern Star Tree wants you to consider before planting your new tree.

4.  Seasonality

Are you looking for an evergreen that has year-round color? Or do you want a tree that leaves change colors with the seasons? These things also need to be considered when choosing a tree for your landscape.

5.  After planting care

Planting the tree is one thing, but the aftercare is a whole other thing. You need to provide your tree with the proper care it needs after planting it. Make sure you fertilize it properly, give it enough water, and prune it when necessary.

Are you looking for tree services such as tree care or tree removal? Are you looking to plant a new tree and you don’t know where to start when it comes to choosing a tree for your landscape? The team at Southern Star Tree is here to help! We are a tree company offering tree services to help your trees thrive. Call our office to learn more about our services.


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