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All About Black Twig Borer & How to Identify

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23 September,2021

 All About Black Twig Borer & How to Identify

All About Black Twig Borer & How to Identify

Do you have one or multiple trees on your property that seems to be slowly dying or dwindling down to their final branches? Or do you have trees that seem slow to lead out and grow their leaves back in the spring? Sounds like you are dealing with signs of insect damage. When it comes to tree care and preventing insects from ruining your beautiful trees, Southern Star Tree has just what you are looking for.

Southern Star Tree is a tree company that can help you bring your dying trees back to life. Whether you’re looking for tree services such as tree trimming and tree removal, or you’re looking to identify the type of insects that are ruining your trees, we are always happy to help!

One of the most common kinds of insects our team is noticing lately is black twig borer. While this species of insect originates from Southeast Asia, it somehow has found its way to the states starting in 1940, and it has been spreading rapidly throughout the different states.

What is Black Twig Borer?

The black twig borer is a small insect that is about 1/16 of an inch in length – just slightly bigger than a deer tick. They have a shiny outer layer that some people say looks like a cup of black coffee. While it’s said to look like a cup of coffee, that’s not how it got its name.

Black twig borers are known for attacking over 200 tree species throughout the United States, getting their start in Southeast Asia, and slowly making their way over to the states. In states where coffee plants are native, black twig borers are a serious risk to the plants – that’s where they get their names from.

Black twig borers has been spotted in states such as Florida and Georgia, as well as the Coastal Plain ranging from Texas to North Carolina. If you live in any of these states, it’s important to find a tree company that can help protect your trees against these insects. Full-grown black twig borers are most active in the warmer months – so spring to summer and mid-fall.

How to Identify Black Twig Borer

Identifying a black twig borer is something you should know how to do. The team at Southern Star Tree has seen their fair share of trees ruined by these insects, and they want to make sure you know how to identify these dangerous critters.

Since these insects are so small, you might not notice their shiny black outer layer right away. Rather, you will notice their entrance holes on your tree branches. Black twig borers don’t have a preference whether your tree is healthy or not, so if your tree is in great condition, don’t think your tree is immune to these insects.

Branch, twig, or leaf wilting is another common sign that your tree is infested with black twig borer. These insects focus on smaller branches and leaves and leave behind holes that are thin as the tip of your pencil.

Do you need a tree company for tree trimming, tree removal, or pest control? Southern Star Tree is always happy to help! We are a tree company in Brookhaven that offers a wide variety of tree services to make sure your trees are always happy and healthy.


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