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Tree Pruning 101: Why Pruning your Trees is Important

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23 June,2021

Tree Pruning 101: Why Pruning your Trees is Important

Tree Pruning 101: Why Pruning your Trees is Important

If you aren’t already familiar with what tree pruning is, how it’s done, or why it’s important, Southern Star Tree is here to teach you! Like anything in life, your trees need maintenance and attention to ensure they live long, healthy lives. If you don’t properly maintain and prune your tree, you’ll notice the leaves start to brown, and the branches become brittle – ultimately leading to its death.
You’ll know it’s time to prune your tree when you start to notice congested branches, low-hanging branches, or a lot of broken branches that are just hanging by a thread. If you notice any of these things on your trees, get your gloves and your cutters ready!

3 Types of Crown Pruning

When it comes to pruning your trees, you must look for the most common signs of aging – such as dead leaves, dried out leaves, low-hanging branches, and more. If you think your tree is starting to decrease in health, here are the different types of crown pruning:

1.    Remove branches
The first step to pruning your tree should be removing any diseased, broken, and dried-out, or dead branches. If you aren’t sure which ones to remove, give us a call here at Southern Star Tree! Removing these kinds of branches will allow new, fresh ones to grow, instantly increasing the health of your tree. 

2.    Remove excess foliage
If you notice that your tree branches are starting to hang towards the ground, your tree most likely is overflowed with foliage. Whether it be pine needles or leaves, you need to get rid of the excess foliage so your tree can stand tall and perky. 

3.    Remove dangerous branches
Storms usually show homeowners which branches are going to be a risk to their homes. If you have multiple branches that are nearing your roof life or your power lines, it’s extremely important to remove those branches. 

2 Types of Tree Pruning

1.    Space trees out properly
Depending on what kind of tree you are planting, the size of the root spread is different. You want to make sure you space your tree out properly so the roots can spread as far as they need to without running into another tree’s roots. 

2.    Regular maintenance
Whether it be a tree or a bush, topiary pruning is sometimes necessary. This essentially means giving your tree or bushes regular maintenance (removing branches, trimming bushes, etc.) to allow it to maintain its shape, and its health and longevity. 

Tree Pruning with Southern Star Tree

Here at Southern Star Tree, we know how important the health and longevity of your trees are to you. We offer a wide variety of tree pruning services so you can keep your tree healthy and beautiful for years to come. 
Our team of arborists is educated and skilled in all types of tree pruning. Once you schedule an appointment with us, we will come to your location, access your tree and its branches and foliage, and determine what kind of tree pruning method we will use. To schedule a same or next-day appointment, give us a call today! 


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