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Why Should You Prune Your Shrubs and Trees?

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03 January,2023

Why Should You Prune Your Shrubs and Trees?

Why Should You Prune Your Shrubs and Trees?

If you are a property owner, you know the importance of maintaining a lush landscape. While taking on tree pruning and other activities yourself is tempting, we recommend working with a professional tree care company. At Southern Star Tree, we leverage state-of-the-art equipment and tree pruning strategies guaranteed to enhance the health and durability of your trees.

DIY tree pruning jobs are commendable, but you need proper tools and skills to avoid severe tree and property damage. Not to mention the subsequent safety hazards. Trees offer many benefits to your property and the environment, hence the need to ensure they get the care they deserve. Here are reasons to hire a tree pruning company for maintenance.

  • Vigor

Pruning aims to enhance the growth and vitality of your trees. When you trim a growing shoot, it stimulates growth, which ultimately boosts its vigor. Tree pruning is an excellent way to stimulate growth, especially if you have a weak shrub or tree. A professional tree service can inspect your trees and recommend the best pruning technique for optimal results.

  • Shape

Plants grow in a certain way, but there are instances they deviate from the growing patterns. Whether it’s stray or awkward branches, tree pruning helps reshape your trees so they can grow in a desirable shape. A yard full of plants that have grown out is not only aesthetically displeasing but also a potential hazard. Tree service companies use industry-standard tools to shape your trees with minimum damage safely.

  • Restrict Plant Size

Properties with restricted space benefit from tree pruning as it prevents trees from outgrowing the yard or garden. If you see branches rubbing against each other or your nearby structures and utility lines, consider hiring a reputable tree care company for maintenance. Delaying pruning increases the risk of injuries, severe damage, and the high costs associated with repairs.

  • Allow More Light

While trees are a valuable addition to any landscape, they can grow thick foliage restricting natural light. Sunlight is detrimental to the growth of your lawn and other plants below and increases your home’s energy efficiency. You don’t have to switch on the lights during the day because trimmed trees illuminate the entire premises by letting in additional light.

  • Structural Integrity and Health

Like many living things, trees become injured and diseased. If routine maintenance is not conducted, they can die. When damaged branches are above your roof or rubbing against each other, it poses a risk to your safety and the well-being of your trees. A damaged tree worsens with time until the structural integrity is compromised, making it weak and easy to fall under the right conditions.

  • Special Effects

As mentioned, tree pruning enhances the aesthetics of your landscape by ensuring they are healthy and well-shaped. We take pruning to another level by creating special effects, especially in formal gardens, to achieve the desired outcome. This mainly includes training apple trees or boxwood topiaries to be espaliered. Pollarding or coppicing are standard pruning techniques used by professional tree service providers to create special effects.

  • Enhance Fruit and Flowering

Planting fruit trees that barely produce any is disappointing. Luckily, pruning helps with coaxing growth spurs and flower buds to form on branches. We recommend pruning fruit trees during the summer to enhance air circulation around the fruit, minimizing the risk of diseases. A flowering tree is a pleasing sight and a sign of health, thanks to regular pruning and maintenance.

  • Protect Property and People

If a tree grows near your home, shed, play structures, or other buildings, it threatens the safety of everyone around. Damaged limbs can fall during strong winds, causing severe property damage and interfering with utility lines. We can prevent these scenarios by handling tree pruning and maintenance.

  • Keep Evergreens Proportionate

Many homeowners have planted evergreen trees and often struggle with boundary hedges, among other issues. Tree pruning keeps these problems under control and maintains denser foliage, which increases the aesthetics of your landscape. This is helpful if you plan to list your home for sale because an appealing landscape increases property value.

  • Improve Appearance

The primary goal of gardening is to enhance the property’s aesthetic value. We can help remove dead branches, unwanted parts, and suckers to create pleasing shapes so that your yard is tidy. Butterfly bushes benefit from slight pruning, which allows them to create gorgeous blossoms, enhancing the beauty of your home.

Leverage our arborists’ expertise and extensive industry knowledge to maintain healthy and durable trees. Contact us at Southern Star Tree and schedule a consultation with the leading tree pruning service. We guarantee exceptional tree care services at competitive market rates.


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