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How to Care For Your Tree Roots

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22 November,2022

How to Care For Your Tree Roots

How to Care For Your Tree Roots

Trees are a valuable addition to any landscape and a long-term investment towards increasing property value and improving the environment. While mature trees are big and robust, they need regular care and maintenance to ensure they remain in tip-top condition throughout their lifespan. At Southern Star Tree, we leverage innovative equipment and extensive knowledge to provide quality services and help our clients maintain a lush landscape.

Although it is easy to monitor the components of your tree above the ground, the roots can be challenging. We recommend scheduling routine maintenance visits with a trusted tree care company to detect, diagnose, and address signs of deterioration before things get out of hand. Here are tips to help you care for your tree’s roots.

Choose Location Carefully

Where your tree is located, and the surrounding is very important because roots stretch out in all directions. If the seeds come into contact with any water source, such as a septic system, they can force their way in, causing severe damage to your plumbing and the building’s foundation. In addition, planting drought-loving trees in a swampy area encourages fungal growth, which causes root rot.

If you plant a tree and realize it is near utility lines, the foundation, or other surrounding elements, you can still save the roots and tree. Hire a reputable tree service to help move the tree to a more spacious location. The process with pruning the roots, and after the healing period, you can move the root ball to the new site.

Develop Good Watering Habits

Your watering patterns determine the difference between a healthy tree with deep roots and a tree that seems healthy but has shallow roots. It depends on your watering techniques, so working with a trusted tree service is vital. We can assess the condition of your trees and recommend the watering method for developing healthy roots. Different trees require different amounts of water, and our arborists have the expertise to ensure your trees thrive.

Monitor Your Tree and Surrounding Area

Another effective way to maintain optimal root health and prevent problems is by monitoring your trees and nearby areas. If you notice signs of deterioration, like a thinning canopy or wilted leaves, it is a sign of root rot, and immediate action is required. Some cases of root rot are fatal, hence the need to onboard a professional tree care company.

When you hire our tree service providers to help monitor your trees, we go the extra mile to inspect the entire tree to ensure the roots don’t cause problems in the future. If utility lines or structures are in the way, our arborist will catch the problem early and minimize the damage.

Deploy Barriers and Root Removal

Some trees grow roots in a broader area than expected. Dry weather can also make the roots more aggressive in the quest for water, resulting in expansive growth. This usually results in a slow encroachment on vital systems like plumbing, which need to be handled by an expert. A barrier solves prevent damage and tree trauma without compromising the overall well-being of your trees.

These tips will help you stay on top of activities beneath the surface. Contact us at Southern Star Tree to schedule an appointment with our representatives. We guarantee exceptional tree care and maintenance at competitive market rates.


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