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Tree Care Tips

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02 September,2020

Tree Care Tips

Tree Care Tips

Some trees are capable of holding their own for impressively long periods of time. Others, however, require constant care and attention. At Southern Star Tree Service, we have years of experience caring for trees and we are always happy to help our community take care of their trees. We are not here to keep secrets. This article will go over some tree care tips so that you can keep your special trees healthy and strong for years to come. If you have any specific questions or concerns, or if you would like to schedule an appointment with an ISA-certified arborist, then call Southern Star Tree Service today. We are ready to take your call.

Plant in The Right Place
Every region has its own unique qualities that are either conducive or unfavorable for certain tree species. If you are going to plant a tree, then make sure that it is meant for your area. You do not want a water-dependent tree if you live in an arid and hot area, for example. It is also important to pick the right place even within your property. Find a spot that will get enough water and sunlight. Make sure the spot is not too close to power lines, underground pipes, or utility lines. Finally, avoid planting the seed too deep!

Water Your Trees
Overwatering is just as harmful as underwatering your trees. So, be sure to water your trees according to its needs. Generally, mature trees like one inch of water while newly planted trees need between four to ten gallons per week.

Use Fertilizer
In the wild, trees benefit from the nutrients around it. In our yards, however, we generally rake away leaves and grass clipping that provide valuable nutrients to the tree. To make up for this lack, you should use fertilizer. Also, be sure to test your soil periodically to ensure that the proper elements are available.

Spread Mulch
The scorching heat of the sun can evaporate much-needed water from the soil around your tree. Mulch insulates tree roots, prevents dry soil, and even protects them from lawn mower cuts. Take advantage of mulch by spreading about three inches of mulch underneath the tree. Avoid covering the base of the trunk.

Prune Diseased, Damaged, and Dead Limbs
A healthy dose of pruning keeps your tree in good shape and also prevents valuable nutrients from being wasted. Diseased, damaged, and dead limbs absorb nutrients and water that would otherwise go to other parts of the tree. Perform or schedule your pruning during the dormant season.

Schedule Routine Inspections
Trees are living organisms that can suffer from disease, malnutrition, infestations, and dehydration. It can be difficult for the layman to diagnose or even detect such problems. You can look out for discolored leaves, holes, cracks, and pests. However, ISA-certified arborists are trained and equipped to readily spot red flags before the issue becomes a costly problem. If you would like to schedule your appointment today, then call Southern Star Tree Service. Our professionals are ready to take your call.


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